Building Capacity To Strengthen Fisheries Management and Combat IUU Fishing - Summary Update

The Recommendation 6 Working Group (Rec 6 WG) was tasked with developing a strategic, coordinated action plan for building capacity to strengthen international fisheries management and combat IUU fishing.

View Rec 6 WG Strategic Action Plan here.  View Annex A of Activities here.

June 2016:

This Plan presents a framework for building the capacities internationally needed to achieve legal, sustainable fisheries.  Developed by the U.S. Government, the Plan recognizes that capacity building must focus on systems, organizations, and individuals in order to foster the institutions, technologies, human resources, and political will required to address complex fisheries issues in the global arena. The Plan also takes its structure from an analysis of the drivers behind IUU fishing, and focuses on six broad strategies:

1.     Enhancing industry and market incentives for self-regulation

2.     Fostering greater transparency in fisheries management and supply chains

3.     Strengthening fisheries governance and management

4.     Building enforcement capabilities and effectiveness

5.     Leveraging political will and fostering genuine constituencies

6.     Promoting stronger coordination in capacity building 

To implement this Plan, USG agencies have identified specific interventions under each strategy.  These interventions are based on agency mandates and an intention to leverage the efforts of the broader community of external partners/organizations working on these issues.  Recognizing the importance of a coordinated effort by many organizations to achieve the goals of these capacity building strategies, the USG also developed a web-based, interactive inventory of capacity building projects:  Those involved in capacity building are encouraged to engage in this on-line community as a way of sharing information and strengthening coordination.

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