Actions and Announcements: Recommendations 14 & 15

april 2016:  Development of a Commerce Trusted Trader Program  

On April 28, NOAA Fisheries announced the opening of a 60-day public comment period on the Presidential Task Force on Combating Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing and Seafood Fraud's Action Plan for Implementing Recommendations 14 and 15; a Commerce Trusted Trader Program. The National Ocean Council Committee on IUU Fishing and Seafood Fraud, charged with implementing the Task Force's plan, sought public input on the design and implementation of a Commerce Trusted Trader Program as part of an effective seafood traceability process to combat IUU fishing and seafood fraud. 

The Commerce Trusted Trader Program will establish within the previously proposed Seafood Import Monitoring Program such benefits as reduced targeting and inspections, and enhanced streamlined entry into U.S. commerce for holders of an International Fisheries Trade Permit (IFTP) that are certified for participation in the Commerce Trusted Trader Program.  

Briefly, the Committee sought comments on:
  • Scope of criteria for evaluating and certifying IFTP permit holders as “trusted traders”;
  • How the criteria should be weighted when considering certification of an IFTP permit holder;
  • Recommendations on the potential scope and process of verifying a certified permit holder’s ongoing compliance with certification criteria;
  • Which attributes of a supply chain covered by the scope of the Seafood Import Monitoring Program (harvest, landing, shipment, processing, storage, import entry, etc.), if any, could be considered as criteria for inclusion in a Trusted Trader program;
  • Input on whether there is some way to take into consideration the control exercised by the jurisdiction where the seafood has been harvested, produced or processed;
  • How the potential program benefits of reduced targeting and inspections and streamlined entry may expedite the flow of trade, reduce the burden of meeting audit requirements for certified IFTP permit holders, and improve implementation of the Seafood Import Monitoring Program and enforcement efficiency;
  • What other entities in the supply chain and import process might benefit from reduced inspections and a streamlined entry process;  
  • Comments on the extent to which other import monitoring programs (i.e. Highly Migratory Species Catch Documentation Program, the Antarctic Marine Living Resources Import/Export Certification Program…etc.) can or should be included in a Commerce Trusted Trader Program; and
  • Comments on the extent to which the proposed Commerce Trusted Trader Program can be integrated into other U.S government trusted trader programs.

NOAA Fisheries also hosted a series of webinar public meetings about the notice on the Commerce Trusted Trader Program (information posted below). 


Previous Webinar Meetings

June 6, 2016, 2:30 PM Eastern Time
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May 10, 2016, 2:00 PM Eastern TimePresentation (PDF)          Audio         Transcript (PDF)
May 4, 2016, 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Presentation (PDF)        Audio         Transcript (PDF)