Actions and Announcements: Recommendations 14 &15

August 2015: Draft Principles and ‘At Risk’ Species Identified for Traceability Program

The National Ocean Council Committee on IUU fishing and Seafood Fraud (NOC Committee) sought comments on its draft list of principles for determining species “at risk” of IUU fishing and seafood fraud, as well as a draft list of “at risk” species. These will serve as the basis for the first phase of a risk-based seafood traceability program. Additionally, a draft list of species was generated using these draft principles. The NOC Committee sought both feedback and any additional information in response to these drafts. Click here for a PDF version of the notice.

The draft principles are based on public comment received earlier this year (detailed below). Proposed principles include: enforcement capability for a species and the history of violations in the fishery, existence of an international catch documentation scheme, complexity of the chain of custody and processing, and history of species substitution or mislabeling, in particular where such actions raise human health concerns. 

A public webinar was held on August 25, 2015, providing an additional opportunity to provide comments. Please click the following links for a copy of the presentation and audio file.